Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thank you, Portugal!

OK, we are still waiting for a full set list, but someone in Portugal has posted some nice videos from last night's show.

It looks like Under Pressure was the surprise there, but that was not the opener on the U.S. tour, so that's at least one change already:

Then it looks like Heard It on the X...the clips are numberede 1-5 but not sure if that is the actual order in which they were played or just the order in which they were uploaded. Anyway, X from Porto:

Video #3 is a bit of a solo with Billy goofin' around, followed by a killer version of I Need You Tonight:

Then #4 is Gimme All Your Loivn':

And of course Sharp Dressed Man:

So those aren't any new songs so far but the order seems to be a bit different.


frank said...

I was in the show last night. I don't know if there's something missing or if the order is 100% correct, but this is the best i can get:
Got Me Under Pressure
Waiting For The Bus
Jesus Just Left Chicago
Heard It On The X
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
Just Got Paid
I Need You Tonight
Cheap Sunglasses
Planet Of Women
Gimme All Your Lovin
Tube Snake Boogie
Sharp Dressed Man
La Grange

Here you can see a video i've uploaded:

ZZ Top Europe 2007 Tour said...

Thank you very much for the report, we really appreciate it. Sound pretty much like what they have been playing here in the U.S. this year.

Bilbao/Spain, let us know what they play there as well.