Thursday, September 6, 2012

La Futura is almost here!

So most of the pre-sale orders of La Futura should ship tomorrow, worldwide release on Monday, US on Tuesday...what do you think the Boyzz will do to promote the release? They already have a record signing in New York, Letterman appearance is likely, where else will they pop up? Where do you La Futura will chart? It looks like La Futura is #25 on Amazon right now so a top 20 debut is possible. Maybe top 10 even? According to Wikipedia Mescalero peaked at 57, XXX at 100 (that seems low?), Rhythmeen at 29, and Antenna at 14. So could this be their highest charting release since Antenna or even Recycler? Find us on Facebook at

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

To Russia With Love: ZZ Top returns to Moscow and St. Petersburg

Lots of news leaking out this week!

MOSCOW, March 6. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS George Perov /. American rock band, "Zee Zee Top" / ZZ Top / back to Russia. Legendary bearded present an anthology of his work and the new song on July 16 in the capital, and July 18 - in St. Petersburg.

As reported today correspondent. ITAR-TASS promoters of the famous trio, "the musicians will play all their hits including, as expected," Jesus Just Left Chicago "," Sharp Dressed Man "and" Tush ", and possibly, the material from the forthcoming this year - After a long silence - a new, yet unnamed, album. "

The "Zee Zee Top," was founded in 1969 in Houston / Texas /. In 1970, after some rearrangements, the guitarist and vocalist Billy Gibbons / Billy Gibbons / bassist and vocalist Dusty Hill / Dusty Hill / Frank Beard, and drummer / Frank Beard /. The composition of the rock band, which has since remained unchanged even once, is a rare example of stability. But "calling card" team has an impressive vegetation on the faces of Gibbons and Hill, while Beard, whose name, ironically, translates to English as a "beard" is limited to only a mustache.

On account of "Texas Three" - 14 studio albums, the last one, "Mescalero", was released in 2003. As has been noted by many music commentators, "Zee Zee Top," in spite of the unusual repertoire and the sound is not quite usual for a European audience, always be more than compensated for it at concerts, which invariably turn into sparkling extravaganza of rock 'n' roll spirit of the insane in 1970 's.

"Zee Zee Top," has twice been to Moscow - in 1996 and 2010. The third meeting with the capital account will be July 16 fans in the concert hall "Crocus City Hall," and July 18 the U.S. team will perform in St. Petersburg.

Very Interesting!

Houston we don't have a problem!

We are headed to Houston today and promise a full report on the Rodeo show this Thursday.

Until then, a new date has been announced for June 17 at the Tampa Bay Rays game in Florida.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New shows announced in Europe! (updated)

So the touring schedule so far this year is as follows:

Spring (U.S.A.)
Houston Rodeo March 8

Early Summer (U.S.A.)
Tampa Bay June 17 (new)
Chicago area July 1

Late Summer (Europe)
Russia St. Petersburg July 16 (new)
Russia Moscow July 18 (new)
Finland July 21
Sweden July 23
Denmark July 24
France July 27
Norway Notodden Blues Fest Aug 2-5? (new)

No other U.S. dates announced yet. No major festival dates or co-headliners yet.

I would expect additional U.S. dates to announce soon from April-June, with the European dates filling up quickly as well.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Monday morning Houston Rodeo announcement

Hello everyone:

We have been gone for a while because, frankly, not much has been going on, and we have moved a lot of our info to Facebook.

However, with the new 2012 tour hopefully being announced soon, and a new (the last?) album being released in the next few months, things should heat up a bit.

Monday morning we expect the Houston Rodeo to announce their full entertainment lineup. They will be having at least one or two classic rock acts and we hope ZZ will be one of them. If so, we will be heading to Tejas for the show, and for any possible warmup shows.

Hopefully we will be able to set up a few extra-special things for those who want to join the festivities.

Stay tuned for the Newzz.