Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some dude just leaped off the stage

Into the pit during Under the Blade.

Saw a bit of Keel's set...

Somebody was actually crowd surfing during I Want A Woman. Never seen that at a Ratt concert before.

Extreme announced they are touring with Ratt...

...This summer, not sure if that had been publicly announced yet?

KIX killed, saw a bit of Phils LA Guns

Now Extreme is on main stage

Dokken was good,

Caught a bit a of Steel Panther, and now, what we've all been waiting for:


Bulletboys just finished

On the side stage and Dokken is on the main stage. The main and side stages are clashing, had to miss most of BB during Jani's set and when they were done Dokken was already on. Stages are pretty close, though.

Jani Lane on main stage...

Only seems to be half drunk, that's a big improvement, his band includes Kerri Kelli and James Kottak.

Jani is smoking onstage and they put this message on the screens that smoking in this county is a $250 fine. We all laughed. Jani lights his cigarettes with $100 bills.

Nice sets from Y and T and XYZ

Up next is Slaughter (first time we've seen them in a while) with the always-great Jetboy on the side stage.

M3 update

Y and T onmain stage now, clashing with XYZ on sidestage. Pretty damn big crowd for 12:30, lawn is filling up already too.

M3 Festival

Well, the Top is in Europe, and we are not. More on that later.

Today we are headed to the M3 Festival in Maryland. Should be a blast.