Thursday, July 30, 2009

New ZZ Top concert date announced for Budapest

Well, this makes perfect sense, schedule/routing-wise, as it looks like
ZZ Top is scheduled to play Budapest (one of our favorite cities in the
world!) on their Fall 2009 "Double Down Live Tour." The tentative date
is October 15, 2009, but as always, it's not confirmed until the band
confirms it:

Antenna Head News

Hey, check out the new blog by ZZ Blues:

ZZ is a big enough band (still) that I'm surprised there aren't a few more sites like this. Other than the LOWPFT and the ZZ Top Live Collection site I don't think there are really that many sites that are being regularly updated with news/rumors/gossip etc. BTW, although our YouTube channel (along with ZZTOPFIN's channel) was shut down by ZZ's publishing compnay, I think that you might find some of TOPFIN's stuff now at Daily Motion, while we may wade back into the YouTube waters in a bit.

Anyway, good luck to the Antenna Head News, let's hope there is some new info for all of us to talk about (more European dates, new album, whatever).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Fall 2009 European dates to be announced

We're getting a lot of questions about where ZZ Top will be playing when
they return to Europe this fall. We really don't know as we have very
little inside info but we can make a few guesses. They're most likely
to play places they didn't play in the summer of 2009, places they
either cancelled before (in 2007), or places they have not played in a
long time, or have never played.

If German shows are October 9-10, Bratislava is October 14, and Athens
is October 24 (have they ever played Greece before???), I think you can
assume that there will be dates between October 14-24 in places in
between Bratislava and Greece. Good guesses would be Croatia,
Bulgaria, and Romania, and we are getting lots of traffic from those
countries, so that's sometimes a clue. And rock music is getting huge
in Turkey, they may even give that a shot. And they haven't played a
proper UK or Italian tour in a long time, and Poland could use a few
shows. But since none of these dates have been "officially" announced
by the band, you never know.

If you hear anything about local dates in your area, please let us know
by leaving a comment or by e-mailing us at:

Monday, July 27, 2009

ZZ Top to re-tour Europe in October 2009

The title says it all! Dates are slowly being announced for the Top to
return to Europe just a few months after the early summer 2009 tour. I
think this is probably due to the earlier tour being cut short due to
hooking up with Aerosmith for the rest of the summer.

The important date right now is ZZ's return to the scene of the
Rockpalast show in Essen Germany. Also on tap so far are dates in
Mannheim Germany, Bratislava Slovakia, and Athens Greece. They are
headed to some parts where they ain't been for a long time, if ever.

This should be fun.

Monday, July 13, 2009

ZZ Top to host WWE Raw this Monday night!

Looks like the Boyzz will be doing a lil' rasslin' while waiting to see if the Aerosmith tour will resume: