Friday, December 11, 2009

ZZ Top to tour Brazil on May 2010

Well, someone at has woken up and finally announced the High Voltage festival headlining date, along with the South American tour, which they list for May (not March) 2010. We only beat them to the scoop by a week, that's better than they have been.

Anywhooo since both of these tours are now confirmed we ask our readers to let us know when any new dates are announced in their areas.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

New European Tour set for Summer 2010

OK, on the heels of the (unconfirmed) postponement of the (unconfirmed) 2009 South American Tour, our sources tell us that ZZ Top may be doing yet another European tour (weak dollar--let's go to Europe!) in the Summer of 2010. A London festival date is already rumored, who knows what else will be out there.

So the year for ZZ could look something like this:

March 2010--South America (rumored Sao Paulo [March 10, 2010])
July 2010--Europe (rumored London [July 24. 2010])
August 2010--USA (confirmed for Sturgis [August 9, 2010] and Wisconsin Dells [August 7, 2010])

Thursday, December 3, 2009

ZZ Top Brazil and South American Tour Postponed?

Supposedly ZZ Top's (never officially announced) South American tour that was originally scheduled for December 2009 has been pushed back to March 2010 because their European set (which was going to be shipped to S.A. for the shows) was somehow damaged. Sounds funny but with this band you never know what's going on.