Sunday, July 13, 2008

The show must go on...but will anyone ask the hard questions?

So, we are about to leave for the fifth and final day of Rocklahoma, and we have a few questions for all of the "media" types who will be there today:

Will you be asking any questions about what the fuck actually happened yesterday? Can you ask Joe Mays or someone from Feverfest why both of the side stages went down? Was there suffcient medical attention for the people that went down because of the heat? Can you confirm whether anyone actually died yesterday? These are all questions that would be asked by a "real" journalist. There was a lot of real rock news happening this weekend...return of Triumph, return of Armored Saint, return of Lita Ford, etc etc, but the most significant event of the weekend was the storm. It is no exaggeration to say that someone could have been killed by those side stages. People were injured, and a lot of money was lost. We're just one guy with a shitty camrea that don't work no more. But someone needs to get the real story about what happened this weekend before everyone heads home.

So WTF happened?

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