Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rocklahoma Report: Day 3

OK, this will be quick since we have to run; PBF is supposed to start at 11 and they are predicting rain so it will be another long, wet, sloppy day.

Basically everyone yesterday was good. Our personal favorites were Extreme and Kingdom Come. XYZ started off the day and Terry and his band sounded great, much better than expected. Then a bit of a change of pace with a blistering set from Armored Saint. That was followed by the reutrn, after something like 15 years, of Lenny Wolf and Kingdom Come. OK, we are biased since they are on of our favorites, but KC rocked and sounded great.

Next was Living Colour...frankly, not one of our favorite bands, but they sounded really great and were very energetic. Hmmm, we are starting to forget things, next was Night Ranger a great band with some great songs. We were a bit underwhelmed, maybe because we have seen them before and most of the others bands that day were new to us.

After NR came Extreme. They were one of our favorites back in the day and they did not disappoint. Gary was all over the stage(at one point almost pulling a light tower down when he tried to climb it), Nuno was on fire, and it was great to see them back together after all these years.

Triumph closed out the night. Honestly, they are another of the bands that aren't a favorite, but it was still nice to see these legends in concert. They had a great light show, lasers, pyro, etc, although they did have some recurring sound issues. Highlight for us was a cover (!) of Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh. Didn't expect that.

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