Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reports from South America

Well, some good reports and video are showing up from South America. It
looks like Francine is back in the set, sometimes half in Spanish. (In
recent years they have been doing it half in Spanish but early in this
tour it was all in English.)

It looks like they replaced Beer Drinkers (which was played in Atlanta)
with Francine, possibly to have at least one Spanish sogn in S.A.?
Thunderbird is apapretnly out of the set for good.

My Head's in Mississippi has been showing up on set lists but I assume
this is just the intro? Anyone have video or audio to confirm? What is
on YouTube already indicates they are just playing the intro as usual
but who knows.

The band finished up in in Argentina last night and plays at the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fall touring planzz changed

We had heard that all of the September and October ZZ Top tour dates had been moved or cancelled, and now we appear to know why...the band will be on tour as an opening act for Tom Petty in September and October because of a cancellation by Joe Cocker.

As always, subject to change, but that's the plan for now. Not sure exactly which shows are cancelled yet, hopefully there will be an official announcement on soon.