Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 and Beyond!

Merry Christmas to those of you who are still reading the once-in-a-while updates to this blog. Apaprently no one in Odessa Texas has the Internet because no set list has turned up anywhere (although there is some YouTube video out there.)

I think we are all going to have a very Happy New Year, things should be very busy in ZZ Top-Land.

A new album? Perhaps.

Touring Australia and New Zealand? Most certainly.

A lengthy U.S. Tour, with cheaper ticket prices? Definitely.

Some cool shows in Japan or someplace? Possible. updated more than once every three months? Not very likely.

Another surprise-filled appearance at the Houston Rodeo? I hope so, we should find out no later than January 10, if they are playing it may leak a day or two before then.

If the play the Rodeo, we will be there. If they do any west coast warm-up shows before the Aussie tour, we will be there. If they play in Europe this summer, we will be there. We will be everywhere!

How how how for now.