Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What will ZZ's setlist be for the 2009 Double Down Live tour>

OK, ZZ Top's Fall 2009 "Double Down Live" World Tour looks like it will
be something special. A new dvd is being released, and they are playing
places they haven't played in 15-20 years, and a few others (Romania?
Singapore?) they have, as far as I know, never played. So here's the
question: What will they play? What will the setlist be?

We all know their set list is pretty standard these days....BUT...since
the Double Down Live DVD will include the Deguello-era Essen Germany
show which featured almost the entire Deguello album...wait for
there a chance that ZZ Top will play the entire Deguello album on this

Lots of rock bands are doing that these days: Aerosmith (well, they
tried), Judas Priest (British Steel), Ratt (Out of the Cellar), Twisted
Sister (Stay Hungry), and Motley Crue (Dr. Feelgood) are all performing
albums in their entirety.

So, what do you think, would ZZ ever do this? Might it be enough to get
a little buzz started about the tour and the DVD (which hasn't even been
"officially" announced yet even though tickets are on sale and we have
been talking about it for weeks)? Wouldn't that be a good idea?
Sanctuary -- Live Nation -- Eagle Rock are you listening?

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