Friday, August 21, 2009

Set List and Notes from August 20, 2009 Anaheim House of Blues Club Show

We will try to post a few cell phone (no cameras allowed) photos later. Here is the set list (SPOILER ALERT) for Thursday night's ZZ Top show at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California at Downtown Disneyland.

The show started with the standard intro music. However -- and this cannot be an accident -- before that music started they played a very quick clip of a song that was cut off and then went into the intro music...I am 100% sure it was an Aerosmith song, pretty sure it was "Let the Music Do the Talkin'" So I think they were having a bit of fun with the whole Aerosmith tour cancellation. Stage setup was similar to to last few tours, Frank was playing the skull drum kit, but the speakers were really funky, very cool, see one of the photos below. They started out with the gold flake/pink on back guitars they have been using.

Under Pressure
Waitin' for the Bus
Jesus Just Left Chicago
I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
(Some hands Billy a copy of his book Gearhead which he signs on stage. Bily also brings his wife Gilligan on stage and asks if she wants to hear some blues.)
Future Blues
Cheap Sunglasses (Then Billy says, we're goin' down to Mexico, but instead of X:)
MEXICAN BLACKBIRD (not played regularly since 2004 or 2005, a shocker, sounded great but a bit rough)
I Need You Tonight
Foxey Lady
Just Got Paid (Billy doesn't use the gold guitar and instead purposely uses two different guitars for Paid, one looked like a Flying V, the other I don't know)
Gimme All Your Lovin'
Sharp Dressed Man
Legs (big-boxy fuzzy Gibsons)
Tube Snake Boogie (switched to beat-up bass and different guitar)
LaGrange/Sloppy Drunk/BBQ

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