Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ZZ Top Storytellers: Reverend Gibbons Re-marries Couple from Texas!

Well, since there was a pre-show article about this, and since some photos are already out there on Wire Image, we'll let you in on something very special that happened last night.

We were sitting right next to a very nice couple from Amarillo, Texas who had a "romantic" request for the band.  When the wife rose to ask her question, she explained that ZZ Top had been a very big part of their courtship and their marriage, and she asked the Reverend to perform a renewal of her and her husband's marriage vows!

Billy graciously agreed and asked the couple to come up onstage.  Billy did a very nice job and said some beautiful words about love and marriage, and I think he even pointed out his own wife Gilligan (don't remember if this was then or later in the show?) in the crowd.  When Billy finished, he had the couple seal the renewal with a kiss. 

At one point Billy said something about a marriage gift, or what does every bride want, something very sincere like that, and some clever fan yelled out "Pearl Necklace" -- that was very funny, let's hope it makes the final cut!

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