Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Storytellers Report

OK, we just got back from Storytellers. We'll try to have a longer report tomorrow, not sure if we should ruin the surprise of some of what happened.

There were no new songs or "rare" old songs played. The set was really killer, we were all essentially sitting onstage with the band. We had second row on Dusty's side and couldn't always see because of the camerman in front of us. We got to ask a question (one of only a handful that were asked) and will probably have a bit of screen time in the final cut.

The setting was great. The performance was great. The interaction was maybe not quite as much as we expected but that's a minor complaint. They only did about 10 songs or something and went back and played some of them twice (!) for production reasons. Since we were all on "stage" after the show ended the fans swarmed the set and I almost accidentally knocked Dusty's mike stand over. Or something along those lines.

Be sure to tune in to VH-1 when this episode airs on June 27.

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