Sunday, July 29, 2007

To Chris Riemenschneider and all of the brain surgeons at the Minneapolis

While we appreciate that you took the time to Google set lists for the Top's 2007 tour, if you're gonna print the set list from last night's concert at the Xcel Center on your web site, at least get it right. I guess most journalists can't even cut-and-paste correctly from that newfangled Inter-net anymore. The song is "Waitin' for the Bus," not "Waitin' on the Bus"--c'mon, what would you be Waitin' for if you were already *on* the proverbial Bus?

And you got the order of the songs wrong (in two different spots) as well. Is it really that hard to write down a list of things in order? Don't they teach note-taking in journalism schools anymore?

Finally,, you bitch about them playing too many "synth" songs from the 80's, and state that you wish they would have played more of the older classics like "Got Me Under Pressure." Of course, since all three of those songs come from the same album, which only sold 10,000,000+ copies, you obviously have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

But hey, at least you tried.

Anyway, here is the review and another related article:


Poplife article with incorrect set list

We'll have our own -accurate- review of the show posted in a day or two.

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