Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey, Chris R., where are you? And where are your editors?

We are still waiting for the Twin Cities' resident music hack, Chris Riemenschneider, to explain to us how he, as a semi-professional journalist, couldn't even get the set list or song titles right for Saturday's show.

Yes, this is the rocket scientist "journalist" who has written brilliant prose such as this:

"Speaking of unlikely scenes: Anytime a transgender metal band can perform on a public street, it's a pretty cool thing..."

Here's what some another web site thinks about Chris:

"Chris Riemenschneider.
Do you read those items in "Street Sounds" where he tries to be funny? He's not funny. Almost solid, but not quite a solid writer. Nothing interesting to say. Again, also always misspelling people's names, getting facts wrong, getting names wrong. Doesn't do his basic homework. He can write, but that's about it. Doesn't do anything with it."

And Chris, you lived in Texas for goodness sake, so there's no excuse for your sloppiness and poor taste. Unless you hold some sort of grudge against the band or their past management.

Feel free to ask Chris about this yourself: chrisr@startribune.com

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