Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Very Interesting!


Anonymous said...

Ken - have fun in Houston. This "new" album saga is getting way out of hand. I wonder if the controversy that surrounds Rick Rubin is the latest root cause. Or could it be old fashioned creative juices run dry. Next question - is Billy setting himself up for solo run? Regards Clay in CT

ZZ Top Europe 2007 Tour said...

Clay I don't think the Rubin situation is the problem but who knows. Since they don't really even hae a label I think the album is released when Billy wants it to be.

I extended my trip by a day (cost me a ton of miles!) to see the "solo" so I will let you know how that goes. It is the start of SXSW this week so the guest possibilities are nearly endless.

Anonymous said...

Ken - they show up on the Columbia web site as one of their artists. Enjoy both shows. Rodeo is generally a short set ( no snide comments like -how can you tell)so hope he let's his hair down a bit at SXSW.