Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For those of you who doubt that ZZ Top is working on a new album...

...check out the Twitter feed of NotRickRubin. Last show of the Petty tour was Sept. 27 in Phoenix, they could actually be in LA with Rubin today like he implies:

It is so hot in LA right now, I almost shaved my head and beard. The ZZ Top guys were in tears, so I reconsidered.
6:41 PM Sep 27th via Twitterrific .@thesilvermullet thank you for the tip. Namaste.
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.Relaxing Friday night: Sorting sea shells and listening to old RHCP demos.
6:19 PM Sep 24th via Twitterrific .@marisab67 preach on, sister. Thanks for sharing. Namaste.
6:17 PM Sep 24th via Twitterrific in reply to marisab67
.Considering making ZZ Top record in a Texas roadhouse, but having trouble finding one that isn't a tourist trap.
11:43 AM Sep 22nd via Twitterrific .Will the new Kid Rock album help? RT @iammrsid Can someone call @NotRickRubin?!? Tell him hip-hop is calling and it needs his help BADLY!!!
11:42 AM Sep 22nd via Twitterrific .Contemplating a distorted harmonica solo on this ZZ Top song. May be too much.
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Luca said...

welcome back guys!! I've checked your page everyday since July 25 :P That's a really really good news!!!If there will be a new album I just hope that zz management will SUPPORT it and I also hope that the thousands of thousands of fans will buy it ( not like Mescalero , a masterpiece in my opinion)...I can actually imagine Frank in the studio more pissed off than ever smoking and drinking ah ah ah ... unfortunately i won't attend any of the european dates this time..I hope someone else will give us some reports, bye! Luca