Thursday, July 15, 2010

ZZ + Jeff Beck

We heard that Jeff Beck got up and played with ZZ for the encore at one
of the Italian shows. Luca or anyone, do you have an update on that for


ZZ Blues said...

I know that it was not in Rome on 07/12/10 as a recording of that show exists - no Jeff Beck to be found

Luca said...

Yes, they played with Jeff Beck on La Grange during the LUCCA show ( 13th of July). I attended the Rome show : it was soooooo great ! the playlist was exatly the same as the finland show ( on they were SO into the show!! billy was laughing ,moving and joking and added some cool variations ( both guitar and vocals!), so was Dusty ( his voice was a little bad on future blues, and tush but who cares!!!), Frank was as always smoking,maybe laughed one time ...but the green kit was so cool!. I have to say that I did'nt expect anything like that from the audience but It was fantastic... the boyzz really felt the excitement of the fans and there was a "magic" feed-back!!I think the boyzz will remember that night!! just like us!!