Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reports from South America

Well, some good reports and video are showing up from South America. It
looks like Francine is back in the set, sometimes half in Spanish. (In
recent years they have been doing it half in Spanish but early in this
tour it was all in English.)

It looks like they replaced Beer Drinkers (which was played in Atlanta)
with Francine, possibly to have at least one Spanish sogn in S.A.?
Thunderbird is apapretnly out of the set for good.

My Head's in Mississippi has been showing up on set lists but I assume
this is just the intro? Anyone have video or audio to confirm? What is
on YouTube already indicates they are just playing the intro as usual
but who knows.

The band finished up in in Argentina last night and plays at the
Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday.


TaylorR said...


ZZ Top was here in Vancouver last night so I figured I'd let you know what the set list was. I thought they might perform Thunderbird because the concert was at Thunderbird Arena, but it appears they've completely dropped it, along with Francine and Beer Drinkers.

For some reason they also left out I Need You Tonight. Not really sure why. Anyways, they put on another amazing show!

ZZ Top at Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver on June 5, 2010:

1. Got Me Under Pressure
2. Waitin' For The Bus
3. Jesus Just Left Chicago
4. Pincushion
5. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
6. Future Blues
7. Rock Me Baby
8. Cheap Sunglasses
9. My Head's In Mississippi/Hey Joe
10. Brown Sugar
11. Party On The Patio
12. Just Got Paid
13. Gimme All Your Lovin'
14. Sharp Dressed Man
15. Legs
16. Viva Las Vegas
17. La Grange
18. Tush

ZZ Top Europe 2007 Tour said...

Thanks for the set list!

Very interesting that they are dropping all of the songs that were "chosen" by the fans. It's too bad because those first couple of shows, with a longer set list, felt like the goold old days...