Sunday, January 31, 2010

ZZ Top Live Recordings (mainly video)

This post will list most of my ZZ Top live recordings. Right now I am not trading but hope that others who are keeping lists will find this useful, in case there is anything I have that is not known to other collectors. In chronological order:

1976-1983 "Old Stuff" Houba Houba etc DVD
March 16, 1977 Boston Garden MA (Audio) CD

Recycler Tour
??? 1990 Reno NV VHS Connecticut??? (confusion on date/location)
??? 1990 Toronto CN VHS
January 28, 1991 New York??? VHS
April 11, 1991? Lakeland FL VHS

Rhythmeen Tour
October 25, 1996 Radio City Music Hall NY VHS
1996? Johannasburg South Africa (interviews+clips) VHS
September 19, 1997 Phoenix AZ VHS

XXX Tour
October 19, 1999 Moline IL DVD
December 9, 1999 Tuscon AZ VHS
January 18, 2000 Wilkes-Barre, PA DVD
February 29, 2000 Peoria IL VHS and DVD

May 10, 2003 Charlotte NC DVD
November 11, 2005 Beacon Theatre NY DVD
??? Camden NJ DVD

unknown "Sharp Dressed Man" Special from Houston tv show
Have but currently lost" Milan DVD

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