Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Fall 2009 European dates to be announced

We're getting a lot of questions about where ZZ Top will be playing when
they return to Europe this fall. We really don't know as we have very
little inside info but we can make a few guesses. They're most likely
to play places they didn't play in the summer of 2009, places they
either cancelled before (in 2007), or places they have not played in a
long time, or have never played.

If German shows are October 9-10, Bratislava is October 14, and Athens
is October 24 (have they ever played Greece before???), I think you can
assume that there will be dates between October 14-24 in places in
between Bratislava and Greece. Good guesses would be Croatia,
Bulgaria, and Romania, and we are getting lots of traffic from those
countries, so that's sometimes a clue. And rock music is getting huge
in Turkey, they may even give that a shot. And they haven't played a
proper UK or Italian tour in a long time, and Poland could use a few
shows. But since none of these dates have been "officially" announced
by the band, you never know.

If you hear anything about local dates in your area, please let us know
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