Monday, March 30, 2009

Storytellers updates and another rumor...

Hey everyone, tomorrow night is shaping up to be a great show. The fun thing is that no one knows exactly what they are going to do, but the production people are telling us to arrive no later than 5:30 and be prepared to stay until 9:30.

Will they do any new songs? Will there be any guest stars? Will they dust off any oldies but goodies that they haven't played in 10, 15, or even 20 years? Tune in to Storytellers (and here, too;) to find out!

You won't see any photos or video from this show but we will try to do a little live blogging. We won't be blogging every song because we want to enjoy this very special show but we will try to send one or two updates and promise you the first post-show update on the web.

We did stop by the Congress Theater today and they have a bunch of MTV trucks parked there along with ZZ's truck and a couple of portabel generators. Still seem to be setting everything up so maybe the Boyzz aren't even here yet? When was the last time MTV was involved at all in anything the band did...I know technically this is VH-1 but it is all pretty exciting.

In other news...we have heard from two different people rumors that ZZ may occupy one of the two remaining open headlining slots at Rocklahoma. Not sure if this is solo or in conjunction with Aerosmith or what, and I wouldn't qualify this as a strong rumor, but it's out there.

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