Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ZZ Top Tours Europe in Summer 2009 -- Headlining Sweden Rock Festival

Well, we might have to change our name to zztopeurope2009 now--because the Top is hitting the road in Europe again this year! We've been hearing rumors and getting e-mails about this summer tour for some time, and I guess it is now official.

Dates are starting to trickle in, check for the details.

The big news for us is that ZZ Top is now confirmed for the famous Sweden Rock Festival in June 2009. Other dates so far are in Germany, Norway, and Denmark. We expect more dates to be added beyond Germany and Scandanavia (Poland perhaps?) but nothing is confirmed yet.

Let us know through a comment or at if you hear anything.

More info as we receive it.

Oh yeah, we are waiting to hear the lineup for the 2009 Houston Rodeo. The Boyzz haven't played there for a while and we hope they will be back this year...maybe on March 22? (That's just an educated guess, though.)

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Barbara said...

ZZ Top is rocking in Brussel (Belgium) on the 12th of july.

Vorst Nationaal
Victor Rousseaulaan 208
1190, Brussel