Sunday, September 28, 2008

Request for ZZ Top Set Lists for 2008 In Your Face Tour

Hey everyone:

There is a huge amount of interest in what ZZ Top is playing on this tour. So if you wrote down a full set list, please post it here or send it to us at:

So far we have been hearing some complaints that the set list is not really that "special" for this tour. But we also hear that they are playing some rare stuff, including a cover of Hendrix' "Hey Joe," which we heard they were working on. (They played "Foxy Lady" last year and have also been working on "Purple Haze.")

So let us know what you see or hear at the shows. People are interested, and in fact the most popular search terms used by people that lead them to this site are "zz top set list 2008." So share the info and let us know. We're still looking for the full Wichita set list and for any feedback from Ft. Smith.

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