Sunday, August 24, 2008

And the results are in!

ZZ Top Fans Vote on Rare Tracks for Harley Show

Over the past few weeks, die-hard ZZ Top fans have been participating in an online poll to choose their favorite “rare” live tracks in the hope that the band will play one or more of those tracks live at the Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary show in Milwaukee on August 29th, or on the band’s upcoming “In Your Face” intimate theater tour. The results are in, and thousands of fans have spoken. The top-five tracks are: 1) Whiskey’n Mama; 2) She’s A Heartbreaker; 3) Balinese; 4) Beverly Hillbillies Theme; and 5) Pan Am Highway Blues.

The idea for the poll originated with long-time fan Ken Wysocki, who runs an unofficial fan blog at Wysocki, who has seen ZZ Top play live more than 40 times in at least 14 different states, first came up with the idea for the poll while discussing the band’s set list on an Internet mailing list. While the casual ZZ Top fan loves to hear their classic mega-hits like “Legs” and “Sharp Dressed Man,” hard-core fans have been clamoring for years to hear more obscure tracks played live. The Top’s legendary 1993 show at the 90th Harley Davidson bash featured a number of rare tunes, and Wysocki and other fans are hoping for a repeat this year: “I know that the band has always played the songs they wanted to play, but this is a great opportunity for fans to let the band know that we’d love to hear some really rare tunes at this show, just like we did 15 years ago,” said Wysocki. “And even if we don’t hear anything unusual at the Harley show, the band’s unique “In Your Face” theater tour, which starts in September, will be another opportunity to showcase some different tunes for us long-time fans.”

While other bands, such as the Scorpions, have formally asked their fans to help pick their set lists, this poll is purely unofficial. “Yeah, who knows if anyone will listen to us,” says Wysocki, “but it never hurts to try. And I hope the band appreciates how strongly its fans feel about some of the great older tunes. We love hearing ‘Legs’ and ‘LaGrange’ live, but hearing ‘Whiskey’n Mama’ or ‘Heartbreaker’ would blow our minds. Hell yeah.”

Hell yeah indeed!

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