Sunday, May 11, 2008

ZZ Top 2008 U.S. Tour Set List

Here is an *unconfirmed* set list that has been flying around for ZZ Top's 2008 U.S. tour. Some real gems here:

1 Gimmie all your lovin'
2 I Thank You
3 Waitin' for the Bus
4 Jesus just Left Chicago
5 It's Only Love (A real treat!)
6 Bad & Nationwide
7 I need you tonite( I was floored when they played this one)
8 Cheap Sunglasses
9 Pincushion
10 Just got Paid
11 Chevrolet (Haven't heard this one live in years)
12 Planet of Women
13 Legs
14 Sharp Dressed Man
15 Tube Snake Boogie
16 La Grange BBQ Sloppy Drunk
17 Tush

Edited to add:

We know these set lists aren't 100% correct (X is listed twice) but it at least gives you the flavor.

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